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No one believes me when I tell them at the beginning of 2013 I was pushing 190lbs at 5’2”. Now I know I’m not at where I want to be now, but my progress is real. I will keep pushing until I reach my goal!

Here’s a little personal penguin trainer to motivate you to stay healthy (or start today)! It’s not my usual kind of drawing, but if it can inspire just one person to start being more active like taking a walk, it’s well worth it for me. :D









This is the main reason for my general annoyance with lack of size regulation in the fashion industry…

men’s pants are labeled by waist and inseam measurement. women’s pants are labeled by voodoo. even though i do not buy women’s pants, i can recognize this as objectively dumb.


because i can’t stress this enough. this is why i don’t let the numbers get to me. as jumpingjacktrash so eloquently said “women’s pants are labeled by voodoo.” 


so when boys make fun of girls taking forever to shop and trying everything on

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Maybe my most important post to date…
Do you ever wonder why the majority of competitors/ fitness models gain so much weight in the few days after a show? Women often 20-25 pounds? Or maybe you dieted hard for a vacation/wedding etc and right after you immediately gained the weight back and it then took months to then lose it again??
I am going to try to break this down as simple as possible as it pertains to EVERYONE. 
Your metabolic rate (metabolism) is he single and only factor that determines fat loss. Not caloric deficit, not doing endless hours of cardio. Without metabolism you are dead in the water. You could ea no carbs/ fats, finish each day in a 500 calorie deficit, doing 2 hours of cardio, but with no metabolic or low metabolic rate you cannot and will not lose bodyfat.
Now lets examine why and how metabolic rate becomes damaged. Things that damage metabolic rate
1) Doing constant steady state/low intensity cardio (spin class, walking on treadmill, stairmaster, eliptical, etc etc) You lose the fat burning component of steady state cardio very quickly. I will never understand why competitors do 2 cardio sessions per day when they are not getting a fat burning effect, but rather just eating up muscle and reducing metabolism.
2) Restricting calories too much. More specifically not having enough fats and good carbs in your diet.
3) Not understanding the math behind what you are doing. If you are eating 1200 calories per day and burning 500-1000 in your workouts you are damaging your metabolic rate.
4) Finishing everyday at caloric deficit will damage metabolic rate. this is why carb cycling has become so popular. It allows for support of metabolic rate thusly preventing the damage.
Things that build metabolic rate
1) Lifting weights, building muscle. High intensity lifting. Women i cannot stress this enough. You need to lift hard, heavy and often. You dont get bulky from lifting weights, you get bulky from the cupcakes you eat. Adding muscle adds to metabolic rate, more specifically the more muscle you have the more calories your body burns
2) HIIT cardio. High intensity interval training. This is the only type of cardio the body does no adapt to. It supports metabolic rate as well as has the fat burning component.
3) Getting enough quality calories. You need to eat to lose fat. You need to eat to build muscle. You starve yourself, you starve your fat loss ability.
The majority of competitors and so called professional coaches are fools. Their science is wrong. They prescribe you these low calorie diets with endless amounts of cardio and the minute your show ends you gain back tons of weight, they then tell you its because you binged too much. Wrong wrong wrong. Complete bullshit. What really happened was that during your dieting process you constantly chipped away at your metabolism. So for example lets say a healthy adult female burns 1500 calories per day without any exercise. Most competitors by the time of their show have damaged their metabolic rate so much that their BMR may be as low as 2-300 calories per day. So the minute the show is over and you eat a few normal meals, while not doing the double cardio sessions your body immediately gains bodyfat and fast. A normal healthy person would have their metabolism to keep them in check.
Here is a perfect example. Most of you know my GF is 2-time World Bikini Champion Chady Dunmore. Shes well known for being lean and photoshoot ready year round. How? Does she do cardio everyday? Is her diet super strict? Nope. She simply doesnt follow the bullshit above. She goes by truth not myth. She eats a well balanced diet of around 2000 calories per day. She lifts hard and heavy 4-5 days per week with almost no cardio. Last year when she competed in the world championships she did nothing more to her weekly routine mentioned above than simply add 1-2 intense HIIT sessions per week and stop cheat meals 3 weeks out. She stepped on stage at a ripped 132. Flash forward 4 weeks after her show. She had many many cheat meals. We spent a week in Mexico for her bday eating whatever we wanted, consuming a few tropical alcoholic beverages, doing zero cardio and got in a few lifting sessions. She came back from Mexico at around 135 and id suspect the 3 pounds she gained was nothing more than some water retention from the salty foods and glycogen in her muscles from excessive yummy carbs. Why did she not rebound like so many?? HER HIGH METABOLISM KEPT THE WEIGHT GAIN AT BAY!!!
Follow science not myth people. Protect yourself. For more information on this video from a true man of science Dr. Layne Norton please watch this video and subscribe to his channel
Hope this helped and opened some eyes.

Love this post by Joe Donnelly - must read!

Again, I can’t stress this enough. The secret to being in shape all year round is a FAST METABOLISM. And yes, it IS possible, to repair your metabolism that has been damage because of strict restricting and over exercising. It takes a long time, but it is possible. In my case, it took me a year. Watch this video for more information !